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Tips and Tricks for your Graduate Year

Launch Objectives:

We will be sharing tips and tricks for organising your calendars, conducting meetings with families, and initial interviews.  We will also explore multidisciplinary assessment and examine functional assessments and reporting.


Models of Service Delivery

Launch Objectives:

There are lots of ways we can support people and families.   We will explore the benefits and choices around 1:1 sessions, groups, working with AHAs and virtual visits.  We will talk about the key skills of coaching and collaboration.

How NDIS has impacted service delivery and looking at what the research shows.



Setting goals and writing reports

Launch Objectives:

We will look at our code of ethics and embed its meaning in everyday practice.  We will provide tips for writing solid SOAP notes and reports for different circumstances. 



NDIS 101

Launch Objectives:

Where ever you are working you will probably know about the NDIS.  We will explore NDIS and share our tips and tricks in writing reports, preparing families for NDIS meetings and applying for funding.  We will discuss the professional boundaries involved and when to refer on when necessary.



Launch Objectives:

We will talk about Autism diagnosis, explore the concept of neurodiversity and the evidence base when working with people with Autism. 


Working with Families

Launch Objectives:

We will increase our awareness when working with families.  Today we have a guest speaker.  We will be exploring the family perspective and what they want us to know.



Launch Objectives:

What is regulation?  We will talk about how a sensory profile fits into the presentation and explore popular frameworks for therapy.


Executive Functioning

Launch Objectives:

Executive function? – What is it and how it impacts on everyday life.  We will explore Informal and formal ways to assess and strategies to embed in all of our sessions


Working with psychologist – what you need to know

Launch Objectives:

We have a special guest tonight.  We will be talking about IQ, assessments, Red Flags for Referrals and different specialities.


Cerebral Palsy

Launch Objectives:

We will learn about the different presentations of Cerebral Palsy and the impacts on daily function.  We will explore ways to team to work effectively around the child.


Surprise Topic to round out to celebrate the year

Launch Objectives:

We will review the year.

The final topic will be voted from the participants to pull the year together. 


5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

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